What is BIGER Project

BIGER Platform Stronger Foundation, Greater Heights

BIGER is a global crypto / digital asset management platform based on blockchain that allows both institutional and retail investors to manage their digital assets safely, making crypto eco-system more stable.

  • Digital asset management and strategic investing

  • Liquidity providing(market-making) of crypto assets and derivatives

  • Derivatives analytics, pricing and risk management

  • Principal risk-taking, including arbitrage and discretionary trading

  • Digital asset fund formation

  • Algorithm trading platform

How BIGER works

BIGER as an Overall Asset Management Platform

  • After BIGER mainnet, Founders of P2P funds will be able to generate their own tokens through BIGER blockchain

  • Founder of P2P Fund A can set his /her own size of the fund or total # of token supply

  • BIGER, as a coin not a token, will act as a platform for not only crypto funds, but also for many different types of funds (equity, bond, real estate, etc)

BIGER Platform Roadmap and Usage of BIGER Token

Foundation Committee

  • Ken Kim

    Ken is an executive director at SRVC, a leading Korean VC. Before joining SRVC, Ken worked at Big Basin Capital and invested in early stage start-ups in Silicon Valley and Seoul. Ken is highly focused on crypto-economy and block chain tech. Currently he has actively involved in several ICO Project as an advisor. Ken also has experience as an equity analyst at Wealth Management Dept. of Merrill Lynch, U.S. Ken has dual degrees from Yonsei University in Korea and received Masters in Applied Economics from National Economic Institute in Japan as a National Scholarship Holder.

  • John Lee
    Chief Advisor

    In 2018, John was selected as forbes 30 under 30 Asia under consumer technology sector. For most of his career, John has been interested in Crypto-Economy, Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, and Solving Social Problems. John did not feel he was ready to do a start-up when he graduated from Cornell, so he first spent five years in Hong Kong getting a strong grounding in fundamentals of finance and investments at Morgan Stanley. After Morgan Stanley, John founded H20 Group, a global hospitality company in Japan and currently invests in crytocurrency, real estates, and startups.

  • Alex Choi
    Chief Advisor

    Alex Choi co-founded Sentbe in 2015 which is one of the leading and the first remittance companies using blockchain in the world. Sentbe holds a patent of using crypto currencies as a method of remittance in South Korea. Before Sentbe, he had been working in various industries including biz consulting and FX. As a consultant, Alex conducted several projects of new-business strategy and optimization of operation. After biz consultant, he worked as the one out of only 13 SPOT FX brokers in South Korea. Through this career, he achieved deep knowledge in macro-economics and FX trading.

Management Committee

  • Jiny Lee

    Jiny is an expert in mass service and database in distributed surroundings. With more than 10 years of experience as a full-stack developer, Jiny first served in Samsung Software Membership, and went on to participate in large distributed platform development at Samsung Electronics. After leading various projects in server and client fields, Jiny is now the co- CEO of Watchbot.

  • Sam Stapley

    After graduating Waseda University in Japan, Sam started his career in hotel management business. Sam founded a company called Tokyo Inbound, a vacation rental management company, and merged with another vacation rental management company called Lincreate. Sam holds Australian CPA. Sam currently focuses on real estate development and investment in Asia.

  • Keijiro Manabe

    Second son of Yasuhiko Manabe, chairman of Kagawa Nissan Group, and Yoko Otsuka, family member of Otsuka group, Keijiro started his career as a pilot at ANA. After his aviation career, Keijiro founded Lincreate, a vacation rental management company, and sold its company to a global hotel management company H20 Group. Keijiro holds a bachelor’s degree in from Tokai university in Aerospace engineering.

Strategic Team

  • Justin Clune

    First serving in Cyber Agent, Justin was in charge of AI marketing for the firm. Afterwards, Justin founded a vacation rental management company called Housecare and exited to a global hotel management company. Justin currently manages his own crypto algo fund in Japan. Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Tokyo University and U.C. Berkley.

  • Steve Park

    Steve with cs and statistics background, worked around crypto and Sentbe’s internal data for CRM and prediction modeling. Steve had personal interest in stock market price prediction modeling while doing research on systematic trading. He is currently working as head of data in Sentbe.

  • Greg Yoo

    He started his first career at Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) which is a representative bank for dealing Foreign Exchange. After his first career as a bond dealer for 3years, he moved his position to a Foreign Exchange dealer. AS a FX dealer he traded Proprietary Trading on USD/KRW Spot, NDF and Swap. In 2014, as the South Korean Government opens CNHKRW trading market, he joined ICBC Seoul and traded USDKRW and CNHKRW products. Also, he was ranked as a top-tier trader in terms of ‘Profit and Trading Volume’ sector. With over 11years trading experienced, he joined Sentbe in 2017 as a head of trading and he is building a trading algorithm of cryptocurrency and FX.

  • Jay Lee

    With experience in software sales in SAP, Jay steered his career into business development and strategy in adtech and communication platforms, and then ultimately into his first venture in financial technology and blockchain in Sentbe. Whilst his time as the head of business (and still currently serving as such), his active network throughout the globe and especially in Southeast Asia helps build the foundation for business development and strategic partnerships not only for Sentbe and BIGER, but those around him as well.

Tech Team

  • Ten Park

    As a co-founder of Sentbe, he developed the remittance solution of Sentbe. Also with Alex Choi, he created a remittance solution using cryptocurrency and acquired Intellectual Property for this. Furthermore, he experienced of building-up Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) process and management solution for handling multiple Foreign Exchange. As an entrepreneur of crypto environment, he spreads his knowledge to public at diverse classes and seminars and he has researched POS and offchain technology so far.

Advisory Group

  • Gabriel Fong

    For the past 25 years, Gabriel Fong was living the dream of any aspiring business executive. Two years after graduating with a degree in economics from the Cambridge in 1992, Fong landed a job at Wall Street investment banking giant Goldman Sachs. There, he worked on several high-profile capital market deals in Asia. In 1996, Fong joined Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, another big gun on Wall Street, where his boss was Tony James, currently the president and COO of Blackstone Group. He joined Morgan Stanley as executive director from 1999 to 2006, then finally, Och-Ziff Capital Management, where he sat as Head of Asia.

  • Yulong Liu
    Chief Strategy Officer

    Yulong was the head of venture investment at FBG Capital. Yulong’s background lies in crypto investment, investment banking, hedge fund research, and asset management. After graduating National University of Singapore, Yulong started his career at PAAMCO focusing on hedge fund investment. Before joining FBG Capital, Yulong worked as a senior associate at Lazard focusing on cross boarder M&A.

  • Gackt oshiro
    Strategy Executive of BIGER

    Gackt oshiro debuted as the vocalist of the world renowned, legendary band "MALICE MIZER". In 1999 he began his solo career as "GACKT", producing works that exceeded all expectations and crossed all musical boundaries. He starred in many Japanese, Asian and Hollywood movies as well as TV dramas. He is a worldwide influencer and continues activities within global reach.

    He is currently establishing himself as a bridge strategist as well as a business influencer in Asian countries, leading Japanese and foreign corporate marketing. When he established “SPINDLE”, he earned a title of an executive ambassador in the business world of virtual currency “blockchain”.

  • Simon Hornstein

    Simon is the Principal for China at Global Founders Capital (Rocket Internet investment arm). Simon joined Rocket Internet in 2011 and focused on business development, and started expanding his career in Global Venture Development within Rocket Internet and was designated as a Principal Investments in China in 2017. Simon holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management from the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management.

  • Steve Seo

    Steve is an Chief Platform Service Officer ("CPSO") at one of the largest entertainment companies in Korea. Before joining, he spent 3 years as a Chief Technology Officer ("CTO") at RGPKorea (DeliveryHero sub) and DailyHotel which was invested by Sequoia Capital. Steve had been an Microsoft MVP for 10 consecutive years. Steve is working on several Block chain projects and an adviser of Block chain projects including AirBloc. Steve is studying Ph.D in Management of Technology from Sungkyunkwan University and received his MA from KAIST.

  • Won Kim

    Won is the founder of AERGO, a next generation blockchain protocol combined with an IT platform that uses advanced technologies. He is also the co- founder and CEO of Blocko, a leading enterprise blockchain solution player. Won’s background lies in distributed systems R&D at leading database system providers in Korea. He has conducted extensive research on distributed file systems and distributed databases. Won also has expertise in RDBMS development as well as enterprise system programming. Won is one of the few thought leaders in the market.



  • 2017.3Q

    Biger Management team formation

  • 2017.4Q

    Biger Alpha Fund Initiation

  • 2018.1Q

    Biger Open Fund Management Platform alpha testing

  • 2018.2Q

    Biger Automatic Crypto Trading Solution Release

  • 2018.3Q

    Token Sale & Token Activation

    • Biger Open Fund Management Platform beta testing

    Establish Legal Entity of BIGER Asset Management LLC and apply assent management license in Singapore

  • 2018.4Q

    List BIGER token on global exchanges

    Achieve Fund Management License in Singapore (Licensed Fund Management Company, LFMC)

  • 2019.1Q

    Biger Open Fund Management Platform Launch (Phase 1)

    • Includes Crypto Traded Fund
  • 2019.2Q

    Biger Open Fund Management Platform II Launch (Phase 2)

    • Includes Crypto Managed Fund
  • 2019.4Q

    Biger Open Fund Management Platform III Launch (Phase 3)

    Includes Crypto Managed Fund

Token Allocation

155,000,000 BIGER (55.4%)
Founding Team
50,000,000 BIGER (18%)
Bonus Pool
30,000,000 BIGER (10.7%)
30,000,000 BIGER (10.7%)
7,500,000 BIGER (2.7%)
Management Team
7,500,000 BIGER (2.7%)